Who We Are?

Welcome to Rye Lane Market, an exceptional destination that attracts both locals and visitors. With a legacy spanning over four decades, our market has become a beloved and cherished institution in the area, featuring 56 distinctive shops that capture the essence of our community. Our offerings reflect a diverse range of goods and services, curated to provide an unparalleled shopping experience.

At Rye Lane Market, we present a myriad of treasures, from exotic herbs and spices to African tailoring, Arabian perfumes, designer shoes, and a wide range of other items, sold by committed traders who prioritize customer satisfaction. Our market is an ideal destination for both shopping and socializing, with a lively ambiance, high-quality merchandise, and a vast selection of goods.

In addition to our shopping experience, Rye Lane Market offers a delightful culinary scene, with a variety of local food vendors and eateries catering to every taste. Our market also serves as an excellent platform for local businesses to showcase their products, bolstering the local economy.

Visit Rye Lane Market to discover the vibrancy and diversity of Peckham. We are eager to welcome you and provide you with an unforgettable experience.